Affiliate Program FAQ

What are the benefits of joining Dr. Fitness USA affiliate program?

You’ll earn commissions from  sales made through your affiliate link.

What can I sell through Dr. Fitness USA affiliate programs?

Feminine Body Design online strength training systems for women are currently for sale. Body Design Formula Men’s programs are available on pre-sale order and  will be available soon. You will be able to sell all other programs we upload in the future

How do I know what I am referring people to buy?

Visit the Feminine Body Design Program page and  FAQ page

Why do I have to enter my tax ID# or SS# when I joined?

We require a tax ID# for the purpose of paying you the commission, so that we have the necessary documentation to declare the payments to IRS. However if you do not wish to enter this information online, contact us by calling 424.245.6560 or e-mail us at and we will make the necessary arrangement for you to give it to us. But remember, we can't pay you without it!

How much does joining Dr. Fitness USA affiliate program cost?

Joining Dr. Fitness USA affiliate program is free. However, those who do purchase our online strength training  programs and actually use them are enjoying the many health  benefits of feeling stronger, having more energy and looking and feeling years younger and are more successful at referring people to them.

Simple Process: everything is automated. At just a click of a button you will be on your way to earn and learn.



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