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In order to manifest new things, you need to make space and get rid of the old. In our countdown to New Year 6-day drive, we will send you 1 email every day as a reminder to take at least one action to clear the space in order to be able to attract new and better things in your life, for yourself  for 2018. This is true for all things, material or not, such as

  • Relationships
  • Weight loss
  • Money
  • Health
So today’s invitation is to make a list of what things you want to attract in the New Year ahead and to take action in eliminating something that you don’t really need or can live without, that’s holding you back from moving forward.

As for myself, my first action that I am going to take is  to clean up my closet!

During our 6-day cleanup drive, we are also going to send some free gifts and offers.

Dr Fitness USA had a great idea from something that happened last week at an event. We were talking to this gentleman who happens to train at Gold’s gym as well. A martial artist, in fairly good shape, who was telling us how he injured his shoulder a while back, and since was not able to train at his maximum potential. He mentioned he lost a lot of weight and muscle mass as a result. In returning home, we befriended him on Facebook, where we saw a few videos he had posted about himself training. Dr Fitness USA’s comment:” No wonder he cannot heal his shoulder; he is doing everything to terrorize it!”

There came the idea to offer a FREE analysis of your training, or exercise routine.

So if you are not satisfied with the results you are getting from whatever it is that you are doing in your fitness regimen, being weight loss, injuries, muscle gain for example, simply send us what you are doing, and doc will analyze it and give you his feedback on it.

This has a $297 value, today FREE. To qualify for this gift, we must receive your routine by Tuesday August 31st 2021 at midnight, a picture of yourself front, side and back, along with your concerns and desired goals, after which we will contact you to schedule a FREE Skype consultation to go over it with you.
Email the requested documents at [email protected]  by midnight Tuesday August 31st  and always remember that

“Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year”, so
If your mind can conceive it
And your heart can believe it
Then Dr Fitness USA can certainly help you achieve it



Batista & Docdr fitness usa
No personal trainer needed / train at your own time in your location of choice



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