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Learn to train like a pro, independently of a personal trainer, with  Dr. Fitness USA's Prescription Women's Strength Training online course.

Feminine Body Design is a proven and tested strength training educational coaching system designed for women specifically, that provides sustainable results in achieving their true potential and a pain free life by reconstructing the body from the inside out long term.

 All exercise programs are delivered in video format, slides, at-a-glance, special instruction sheet, equipment list.                             





Feminine Body Design 1

This is the first part of a series of 3. Aside from the actual exercise routine delivered in video format, slides, at-a-glance, special instruction sheet, equipment list, this program also includes a series of supporting videos on the topics of

  • Choosing the equipment and applying proper technique
  • How to gage your weight scale
  • Why and how to take pictures of your body
  • Write it down
  • How often should you train

Feminine Body Design 2

Each program is meant to be done consecutively as they build upon each other, like pieces of a puzzle.You'll build a team of players and begin to train at maximum potency, optimizing strength and acquiring a acute sense of awareness

  Some of the supporting videos in this program includes

  • No pain, more gain
  • About bulking up
  • Stretching
  • Write it down part 2 and 3/ how to track your progress
  • Breathing

femiinine body design 3

Unlike a personal trainer who works muscle group, Feminine Body Design addresses the body as a whole. You'll learn to get grounded, how to correct muscular imbalances and postural misalignment     

• Keep a calendar
• Spot training
• Muscular Imbalances
• Postural alignment
• Multi-tasking
• Grounding
• Lift Heavy

Feminine Body Design Women’s Strength Training System FAQ

Are the 3 Feminine Body Design programs beginner, intermediate and advanced?

No, the three programs make a whole system and will need to be done consecutively. You cannot purchase program 2 unless you have bought program 1 and you cannot buy program 3 unless you have bought program 1 and 2. However you can buy all 3 at once, which we recommend, because it is a system that requires doing all 3 programs consecutively. Ideally, you will go the gym 3 times a week, each time you go you will alternate the programs in order. Once you are familiarized with the programs, you should be able to do each sequence in less than one hour, thus benefiting of all the wonderful benefits of women's strength training.

How can I access the program files?

Upon purchasing the programs, you will be directed to a dashboard with your own username and password, which will enable you to access your files anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. Watch the video at the top of the program page.

What about if I don’t understand the instructions?

Each program is delivered in video, slides and written form, with very detailed instructions from all angles. You can also access our YouTube "Feminine Body Design Questions Answered". Your question has probably already been answered there.

However, if you still have a question that has not been answered, email us at doc@drfitnessusa.com. We regularly update the information and will be delighted to hear from you and add your inquiry to our FAQ library.

How long will I be doing the Feminine Body Design programs for?

When do you stop brushing your teeth? The Feminine Body Design system is a balanced program that addresses structural alignment, allows you to  retain healthy musculature and strong bones, while correcting muscular imbalances. It also provides an unprecedented stress management tool and will keep you strong and vibrant for years to come. We do offer and recommend for you to take advantage of our advanced education program and monthly support system.  You may also consider coming in for a consultation.

Can I do the Feminine Body Design programs at home?

No, the programs are designed to be done in a gym environment using commonly used weight lifting equipment and free weights, which gives you the unique opportunity to achieve faster desired results than using just body weight, stretch bands or other gizmos. Using adequate equipment allows you to adjust the angles in a way that supports proper postural alignment and enables you to increase the weight scale beyond what you know is possible. This is necessary to correct postural misalignment and muscular imbalances and rebuild a healthy musculature while  maximizing the anti-aging benefits of your workouts.

I travel a lot, how will I be able to do the Feminine Body Design programs?

The programs are ideal for those who travel a lot. We designed each program  using very basic equipment that most hotel or apartment building gyms  have. The programs give you a blueprint of what to do to stop wasting time while keeping your strength up and relieving stress, giving you more time and energy and potentially saving your life. Best of all, you will have the knowledge to workout efficiently at your own time and independently of a personal trainer any where in the world

I don’t have any money to buy the programs!

You know the saying: "Where there is a will there is a way", or "If it is important to you, you'll find a way, if not, you'll find an excuse". If you truly desire to improve your health and believe in the proven principles and methodology of Dr. Fitness USA, which are based on 50+ years of successful track record, then you will find a way. We set up our affiliate programs to enable anyone to refer to our programs and earn a 20% commission. It will only take a handful of referrals for you to earn the programs and get on your way to better health and the body you desire and deserve. Join our affiliate program here.

Certification Programs

We are working towards the completion of a certification program that will enable health care practitioners to teach this protocol and ad it to their menu of services. This certification will be only available to those in the health coaching business who have completed the program themselves, as you cannot learn this protocol or understand its power and life benefits unless you have experienced it yourself, regardless of your other fitness accomplishment, or medical degrees.

What is Fast Track to a New You

The Fast Track to a New You is a support system designed to accelerates your progress tremendously and increase your strength by 20% to 50% in 6 weeks, provided you are free of injuries and medical complications.


  • Weekly calls for 6 weeks with Batista
  • Program review and weight adjustment
  • Equipment analysis
  • Accountability
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Customization
  • And more


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