Sustainable Fitness For Women Over 40: No Time

Sustainable Fitness For Women Over 40

Part 3 of 3: No Time

NO TIME: The ultimate blind spot

The information covered in this segment is crucial for women entrepreneurs who have many responsibilities, deadlines, juggling family matters and business obligations. Warning! Because a woman is estrogen based, ignoring her feelings can be hazardous to her health.

We are emotional beings; self-awareness is developed by our emotions. Women, who process their thoughts and feelings intellectually without rest, create a high level of stress proven to be harmful to their immune system. The result of the “NO TIME” syndrome is making them sick and aging prematurely.

fitness-over-40-no-timeNO TIME is the big illusion, the ultimate blind spot. There is nothing glorifying about sacrificing your own health for others in order not to take care of your body. This is not selfish by taking care of yourself first you will be an inspiration to others. Your job and ability to sustain yourself financially will bring much more meaning and joy into your life. This is a key aspect of behavioral health, for the self-development of one’s own responsibility. You have to be responsible for your own health before you can be responsible for others, such as your family, your parents, your children, your associate or your students. There is a whole realm of responsibility, but if you can’t take responsibility for yourself, then how can you take responsibility for others? For those who continuously put their job as a priority, the consequences can be fatal. We are all independently responsible for our own health to bring into balance collectively and individually body, mind and spirit.

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness?” Earl of Derby


A recent article in the “for your health” section of the Costco magazine stated: “A study published in the Proceedings of the National academy of Sciences of the United States of America showed that telomeres – part of the chromosome that protects genetic data – in cells of chronically stressed women had the equivalent of an additional decade of aging.” What about that for wasting time!


  • No Time
  • Trying to be strong
  • Trying to be perfect
  • Trying to please others
  • Trying harder
  • Hurrying up

Your health is in jeopardy! These characteristics weaken the immune system and provoke a compulsive / impulsive behavior, creating havoc in your body and mind, and aging you prematurely.


Our nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in our body and coordinates them together, as to enable our body to work in perfect harmony. It dictates your healthy or unhealthy behavioral patterns.

Much like if the electrical box in your house is outdated, you will probably blow a fuse when you run too many appliances at the same time, because the system is on overload. Eventually your electrical system will need to be upgraded or rewired. And so it is with the body when impacted with too much intellectualism, stress, no time or mindless compulsive exercise behavior. Performance is what the fitness industry promotes as an avenue of success in general fitness today, teaching us to do more than we can achieve comfortably by going for the pain, and or ignoring pain signals, potentially leading to injuries and creating burn out.

In reality, optimum health depends on the body’s wiring and ability to fire properly. We need to be properly grounded in order to activate the body’s natural healing properties, achieving  a quiet mind and a balanced life.

We must learn to protect and strengthen our nervous system. This can be done by intelligently increasing our physical strength through weight lifting and establishing a “Brain – Muscle Connection”. Emotional and physical strength are connected. Strength training provides sustainability by allowing you to feel like Rambo without the risk of injuries, long term. It also offers an unrivaled stress management tool, with many added health benefits for physical and emotional well-being and becomes your best friend through the ups and downs of life, saving time, money and energy long term and potentially saving your life

fitness-over-40-empoweredAN EMPOWERED WOMAN

  • Takes care of her Body / Increases her functional strength
  • Loves herself first (before her partner)
  • Looks inside, before looking outside
  • Does not feel guilty about receiving more than giving

To make things perfectly clear, the keys to sustainable fitness for women over 40 as outlined in this report, go much beyond the topic of problems encountered by women in the work field. It addresses three chore issues all women face, and are primary keys to optimum women’s health.


“Consider this… rebuilding the muscular structure of the body is vital to our evolutionary path to being the best that we can be. Strong, properly balanced muscles support the spine and bone infrastructure upon which the rest of the body is built. This properly aligned spine, kept in place by properly strengthened and balanced muscles in turn supports all the organs and connectives tissues.

When all this is properly in place and supported, the energy channels and nerves are better able to conduct an unimpeded flow of our life force throughout the body. This raises our ‘vibration,’ our emotions, our vitality, and our vibrancy. This then gives us an even stronger connection to our heart, to our higher emotions, and to our personal power, which then helps us fulfill our individual missions of helping others at the highest possible level that we’re capable of.

So really, this is not building muscles as bodybuilders do, for aesthetics alone, (although you can take it to that level if you want to. The true value of Dr Fitness USA’s Body Design prescription strength training system for busy women over 40, is to awaken the muscles themselves, then to rebuild the right muscles to the right size and proportions in order to strengthen and rebalance the structure from the inside out, so that our life force can once again flow more strongly and more powerfully, like it did before life damaged us.

Bringing our body into alignment with mind, spirit and heart we can create an even larger impact in the world at a higher level of health consciousness than we thought possible. into alignment with our mind and our spirit and heart.

Welcome to the New Paradigm In Fitness Consciousness

“I work full-time, my children are heavily involved in after-school sports, I am currently going through a divorce and I am trying to start a new relationship. Through all of these time constraints, I can go to the gym and work at my own pace and feel good after my workouts. The gym has become something in my life that I can always turn to, no matter how hectic my life seems to be.”
Sharon Paul (School teacher, Baby boomer)


Written by Batista Gremaud ~ ~ 424.245-6560 ~ all rights reserved




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