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To jump start your clean eating journey, read the Clean Eating Ebook, review the Clean Eating check list, and study the First course module: Fast track to clean eating. Then you can continue with the other course modules at your own pace to continue learning and perfecting the art of clean eating. And feel free to contact us, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have

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Eat healthy with Dr Fitness USA

Module 1 Fast track
Unit 1 What and Why
Unit 2 The Easy Way to Start Eating Clean
Unit 3 Clean Eating Do's and Don'ts
Unit 4 Ready to Eat Clean? Simple Meal Planning Tips
Unit 5 Grocery Shopping Tips for a Clean Diet
Unit 6 How Water Can Make Clean Eating Easier
Unit 7 The “Sweet” Dangers of Sugar
Unit 8 The Surprising Health Benefits of Plant Protein
Unit 9 Your First Clean Eating Day
Unit 10 Top Clean Eating Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Module 2 Clean eating on a budget
Unit 1 Eating healthy on a budget
Unit 2 Choose wisely
Unit 3 Get involved
Unit 4 Cooking
Unit 5 Clean eating on a budget checklist
Unit 6 21 tips to eating healthy
Module 3 Processed food
Unit 1 About processed food
Unit 2 8 reasons to cut out processed food
Unit 3 How to identify clean food
Unit 4 How to deal with cravings for processed foods
Unit 5 7 Healthy Homemade Alternatives to Common Processed Foods
Unit 6 Avoid processed foods when eating out
Unit 7 Processed foods alternatives
Unit 8 How and Why cutting out processed foods
Module 4 Eat less
Unit 1 21 tips to eat less
Unit 2 Drinking wisely
Unit 3 More tips
Unit 4 More tips to eat less
Unit 5 Exercise
Unit 6 Eat less check list
Unit 7 Eat less e-book
Module 5 Meal Planning
Unit 1 Why meal planning?
Unit 2 It starts with education
Unit 3 Why prepare
Unit 4 Chose your meals and recipes
Unit 5 Create a shopping list
Unit 6 Healthy bulk cooking recipes and ideas
Unit 7 Other tips
Unit 8 Meal planning check list