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I challenge any personal trainer to remotely achieve what Stephen Hercy's Body Design Formula has achieved because I know that it is impossible. 
Charles Miles D. C.

In my most irregular schedule and traveling around the world as I do, I find that I can take my Body Design Formula program into any gym anywhere in the world and make the equipment work for me so that I can do my work-outs. I have no more need to schedule with a personal trainer. 
Siv M. Aberg (Swedish ambassador)

I have watched people at the gym with trainers and most are very uncomfortable. They are pushed and exhausted. Some quit early on. It is often apparent that they are not enjoying their routine. With Stephen's Body Design Formula program, you enjoy it. You become your own trainer and have the necessary knowledge to reach your goals yourself. I became very comfortable in the gym in a short period of time. My strength has doubled and my body is making positive changes.
Sharon Paul (School teacher, Baby boomer)

The experiences I had with personal trainers is that they didn't know or have a real thorough overview of the whole body. They saw the body in pieces. And although the body is comprised of different components and pieces, it makes up the sum total of who you are. I really know that Stephen knows the anatomy of the body really well. Because of my experience with yoga, I know he knows what he is taking about. Stephen is a master at his craft.
Rev Louis-Diana (Yoga master, Ordained minister)

Working out independently, is empowering, rather than having someone else telling me what to do, counting form me, and setting up the weights for me. Most trainers I see seem to be putting their clients through torture. My Body Design Formula exercises are custom made to fit my frame , they are comfortable.
 Kim L. M. T. (Certified Yogic Neuromuscular Therapist)

A very important aspect of the Body Design Formula program to me is that it is a rigorous, fully professional, result-oriented program that is designed for me to do myself, without becoming dependent on the presence of a trainer. This enables me to live anywhere in the world, and still follow the program.
Cecelia Van Beuren Wittman, M. L. S. / Ph. D. (Information Management)

I used to work out with a trainer 3 times a week. There were many problems. First my schedule is unpredictable I was constantly having to change my appointment times and if I didn't  or could not give him 24 hours notice I was charged anyway. Second, since I always had the trainer telling me what exercise to do, making the weight adjustments for me and correcting my form, I never learned what and how to do  the exercises by myself. Third, he scheduled himself so tightly, the hour I was paying for frequently became 45 minutes, or less! I became disillusioned, discouraged and quit. Then one day, I met Stephen Hercy. He has always been there whenever I needed encouragement, clarification on specific exercises, or just for questions. He truly knows how to design bodies.
Karen Miller (Pacific Bell, Account executive)

There were months I paid a personal trainer to teach me how to work out. He was very positive, but I didn't know how to train on my own. Now I understand what exercises I am doing for each part of my body. I enjoy feeling the sensation of the weight and concentrating and finding my strength to execute the movement. Wherever I travel I feel secure in the gym with my Body Design Formula program.
Robin Siegel (Make-up artist)

Stephen's personal outlook for me convinced me to buy his Body Design Formula program. After being let down by other trainers, it was hard to put my faith in someone else. Before I met Stephen I would go into the gym and walk around in circles not knowing where I was going with my workout or the new body I was trying to create. Body Design Formula filled that need. Thank you.
George A. Spears (Business owner)

Stephen is a genius. I do not use that word lightly, I use it in the strongest sense possible. I met him at a time when I was training on my own, after having quit a trainer I had been with for 1 year and making no progress. Stephen has a feel for the human body that I never seen or known in anyone. My recommendation to anyone who is really serious about changing themselves, both physically and mentally and is not afraid of truth or change, is to give yourself to Stephen for one of the most incredible experience of your life. 
Evan Shore (Professional model)

Stephen Hercy  is qualified to lecture, instruct and teach personal trainers in the advanced art and discipline of "Body Sculpting and Design" for maximum student / client results.
Andre Begin (Former Director of the Weider Research Clinic - Former Mr Canada)



Through the understanding of proper training, Stephen gave to me a sense of majesty about myself and about the universe in which I function. I am a 45 years old attorney, who had been totally inactive. The amazing thing is that when I go the the gym I don't think about how much work I have to do, I think about the sense of exhilaration and the feeling of accomplishment I am about to achieve. There are moments during workouts when I gather that little extra bit of strength for a final rep and I experience a moment of supreme pleasure as my body performs, my mind melts into the equation and my spirit soars. It is caring so much about yourself, loving yourself, feeling that you are in control of your body, your destiny, your universe. It is magic. 
Anne Elizabeth Cochran (Attorney at law)

I don't know about most women, but the thought of going to a gym is sometimes hard enough, but to go down to the weight room - with big machines, all gray and steel, big men, lots of them!. It has always been a scary, uncomfortable, "what the heck am I doing" experience. Not now! I cannot tell you the impact my Body Design Formula program has had, not only on my physique, but on my mental and emotional state as well. The confidence I feel going in to work out, an equal among equals - I never felt before in a gym. 
Nancy Wharton Torres  (Entrepreneur)

I view exercising much more positively now, after experiencing Body Design Formula. Instead of something I have to do, I find myself wanting to go to the gym. It has become part of my basic schedule, like brushing my teeth or washing my hair...
Karen Miller (Pacific Bell, Account executive)


Since I am training on the Body Design Formula, I have more flexibility with my exercise schedule than ever before. This is important to me because I am a single mother with two children running a household by myself. I work full-time, my children are heavily involved in after-school sports, I am currently going through a divorce and I am trying to start a new relationship. Through all of these time constraints, I can go to the gym and work at my own pace and feel good after my workouts. The gym has become something in my life that I can always turn to, no matter how hectic my life seems to be.
Sharon Paul (School teacher, Baby boomer)

Stephen is someone you can trust. He will maximize your time in such a way that the results of your efforts will excel because of the tailor made Body Design Formula program designed to fit your individual physique. A radiant beauty and strength will emerge which makes this such a positive investment. 
Rita Rose Wilson (Professional therapeutic masseuse)


I used to think that if I did enough yoga, my body would look good. I liked the way yoga could make bodies look, slim and toned. Now I realize that the bodies I was admiring are actually muscularly unbalanced and atrophied in many places. In comparison, Stephen’s bodies look strong, yet elegant and streamlined. After only 3 months on Stephen’s program, I am happier with my body then I’ve ever been before and I am now feeling it in a whole new way. I feel less tired leaving the gym than I do leaving a yoga class yet I never got these kinds of results from doing yoga.
Anne Kim L. M. T. (Certified Yogic Neuromuscular Therapist)

Before I met Stephen Hercy, I’d never been a gym advocate. My style and preference has been dance and yoga. Stephen's program has accelerated what I was trying to accomplish with yoga. I feel more balanced, energized and integrated. I have tripled my strength in a short period of time. The Body Design Formula program he created for me is fun, innovative and creative. I am ecstatic!
Nansea Lee Golberg (Holistic health, Yoga leader)

Stephen’s Body Design Formula program has helped me develop a deeper level of patience and a higher level of self-esteem. My own yoga practice has gotten deeper from it. I have gotten so much more in tuned. While yoga has its wonderful benefits, there is something about learning how to properly use weights effectively to increase you bone density and strengthens your body in a different way.
Louise-Diana (Yoga master, Ordained minister)

I feel so good training on Stephen's Body Design Formula program. For years I tried to get involved in some sort of physical fitness routine. I enjoy dancing and yoga but have never experienced my own personal power and strength that I am beginning to feel now that I am training on Body Design Formula.
Robin Siegel (Make-up artist)


Since working out on Stephen’s Body Design Formula program I have felt like old stagnant energy has literally been expunged from my being. Negative emotions feel released from by body’s cell tissue, just as if my muscles where a sponge that when squeezed emits old wash water. I tap into my divine self. My inner will power is activated and directed into positive awareness. I feel more self-love, a determination to embrace a higher quality for myself. Thank you Stephen for you vision, expertise and big heart. 
Daleena (dancer) 

Stephen Hercy's Body Design Formula woke up my true power a power I never knew existed. 
Marina Sabzanov (Certified Personal Trainer)

While being on Stephen’s Body Design Formula program, I have changed physically and I have changed my mental outlook. Stephen showed me a path filled with challenges, mysticism, spirituality, beauty and pageantry. He gave me a gift, which I shall never lose, a sense of majesty about myself and about the universe in which I function. Listen to what he says and reach for the stars
Anne Elizabeth Cochran (Attorney at law)

Since training on Stephen’s Body Design Formula program I have made distinct and positive changes in my physique, I also reached a new level of self-acceptance and internal unity, which I value more than the muscles.
Sue Ann McKean (Professional Body Builder, black belt Aikido)


The cost of the Body Design Formula program in the long run is minor compared to the life long benefits you will see and experience. Dr Bruce Barton M.D. 
(Specialist in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility)

"Within the first 10 minutes of working with my own Body Design Formula, I felt a difference from anything else I had ever done. The time and investment have been more than worth it. Plain and simple Professor Stephen Hercy's design formulas work and they are fun to implement!" 
Nicholas Zaldastani ( CEO Space faculty)

Your mind will come up with many reasons and excuses why you should not invest in yourself, why you should not buy into Body Design Formula - DO NOT LISTEN. Invest in yourself and make that contribution to your life and to others around you. I have never regretted for one minute my investment and my choice for a new life. 
Nancy Wharton Torres (Entrepreneur)

Making a major investment in myself toward better health and training on Body Design Formula has boosted my self-confidence tremendously. I find myself asking for and expecting nothing but the best. 
Mary Ellen Eckert  Ph. D. (Department of foreign language, East LA College)

Since on Stephen’s Body Design Formula program my whole perspective on life has expanded and I am taking more initiative in business and in my personal life. It has added a new foundation to my day-to day life, making me feel more grounding. It gives me opportunities to work with intention and get measurable results, an attitude that I can use in other areas of my life.  My new strength and endurance has improved my practice and also my favorite hobby, dancing. 
Anne Kim L. M. T. (Certified Yogic Neuromuscular Therapist)

Stephen helped show me how to take my successes in the gym and turn them into successes in my life. 
Annie Burke (Student)