San Pedro August 7th 2018

RE: Dr Fitness USA relocates in San Pedro

After 45 years at Gold’s gym Venice, International Body Designer Stephen Hercy a.k.a Dr Fitness USA, often referred to as the new Jack Lalanne, is relocating with his wife, no1 best selling author Batista Gremaud “Feminine Body Design” to San Pedro.

Students have compared Dr Fitness USA’s evolutionary Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System with those of luminaries like Bruce Lee and Carl Jung in their respective fields, as it brings a new tool for mood behavior stabilization, stress management, vitality, and freedom from using personal trainers to obtain that perfect body you deserve and desire.

20% to 50% stronger in 20 Minutes (conditions apply), looking and feeling 15 years younger and potentially achieving a pain free life are the proven health benefits for those who have engaged in this sustainable program over the last 45+ years.

Why because this system offers an educational process that supplies you with a solid  exercise plan, a blueprint to tap into your body’s full potential, that you can use for the rest of your life on your own and anywhere in the world, independently of personal trainers.

Coaching is available online and in office, to learn more schedule a FREE 30 min discovery session



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