Is Your Relationship Stealing Your Time?

Relationships often hold us back and we have no other choice but to let go, whether it is love or friendships.
In our business we often see men (husbands) at the gym working out. They all say the same thing: ”I wish my wife would work out” but the truth is, they don’t, or else they would be proactive in helping her to do so. Because in fact it is more convenient for the man to take his space and do his thing, rather than to bring “the wife” along!

Doc always asks women: “Is your relationship stealing your youth?” Women are strong and built  to go on even in the face of tragedies or even death of a loved one., until we breakdown from exhaustion. Women are givers, but interestingly enough feminine energy is receiving, which is something very hard to do for most women.

Working out on the Dr Fitness USA’s prescription strength training, which isn’t performance based, is a feminine attribute to balancing out her yin/yang energy. It enables a woman to reconnect with her body from a female perspective, while reconstructing the body from the inside out, thus allowing her to regain or recapture her youth independently of a personal trainer.

It may be time to reevaluate the relationships in your life. Are they stealing your time, holding you back from soaring new heights? Or perhaps you are unclear about why you have not achieved your desired goals and at this time around wish to have Doc’s help in sorting it all out.

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