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The Dr Fitness USA’s Show explores bodybuilding from a holistic perspective to connect the dots toward body, mind and spirit integration, achieve optimum health, strength and vitality, and live a pain free life. The missing links to fitness consciousness are revealed.

The Dr Fitness USA Show is geared towards those who feel an inner pull in reaching higher levels of consciousness and who want to transform their lives from the inside out. It presents a new paradigm in fitness consciousness towards strengthening the body and the mind physically to achieve greater integration of body, mind and spirit and propel you toward personal and global transformation.

It connects the dots in the long time search of body mind spirit integration from an evolutionary perspective.

Some of the topics include

  • Harnessing male / female energies in your workouts
  • Achieving charismatic posture
  • The secrets to a pain free life
  • Every motions creates an emotions
  • Addiction recovery and mental health
  • Leonardo de Vinci’s vision and how to tap into creating the balanced physique he envisioned
  • What does sacred geometry has to do with your body
  • Practical steps to tap into the fountain of youth and creating a New Earth

The missing links to fitness consciousness