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Our history

70 Years of Experience


Beyond the Scope of

Weight Training

Here is what we have to offer you on your fitness journey.


We believe that knowing and believing in what you are doing in the gym is necessary to establish sustainable health habits and maximize results, so we teach you everything along the way.


We place a strong emphasis on synthesizing the mind and body to optimize results, from discipline to motivation.


More than reaching your body design and strength training goals, we have a strong history of remedying physical ailments through our strength training method, tailored to your body.

our mission

Empower people to attain optimal physical and mental well-being by offering holistic solutions to discover their true abilities, make positive changes, and become their best version. Our Ergonomic Strength Training systems and personalized support assist individuals toward a healthier and happier existence. Dr Fitness USA is dedicated to fostering long-term lifestyle transformations that enhance overall wellness, enabling our clients to thrive in all aspects of life.

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we will help you

transform your body

A healthier lifestyle for all we can help by redefining their health habits and restructuring their body for optimal strength, energy, and positivity.


See what our clients have to say about us


Dr. Venus M.D. Health Influencer

This is not your typical fitness program. Here, you will learn how to strength training with proper form to avoid/rehabilitate injuries.

Elizabeth Wilcock The Priestess Path

I've worked with many mentors in my life. Dr Fitness USA is a true master of his skill.

Berny Dorhman CEO Space Int. Founder

I recommend for leaders to invest in Dr Fitness USA for 100% results to increase mental clarity and decision making.

Brian Kelly Mind Body Business Show

I have arthritis in both my knees that keeps me up all night. In only four trainings, my knee pain is gone.

Bret Rawson Attorney

Having served in the army and as a police officer, I suffered from many injuries. Working with Dr Fitness USA has been the best decision of my life. I can now train without pain as often as I chose to.

Dr. Rosita Tan D.M.D. Celebrity Dentist

Three surgeons recommended I have immediate surgery on my shoulder. Instead, I worked with Dr Fitness USA. I have been pain free ever since, with no surgery and I am stronger than ever before.

Dr. Orpelli Orpelli Wellness Center

As a doctor, I determine your age not biologically but by the condition of your spine, With Dr Fitness USA's proper training techniques, you can be 80 years old but have the spine of a 20 years old.