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Empower people to attain optimal physical and mental well-being by offering holistic solutions to discover their true abilities, make positive changes, and become the best version of themselves. Our services and personalized support assist individuals toward a healthier and happier existence. At Dr Fitness USA, we are dedicated to fostering long-term lifestyle transformations that enhance overall wellness, enabling our clients to thrive in all aspects of life.

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Stephen Hercy

Stephen Hercy, America’s leading expert in body design, has spent over 40 years in strength training and body design, perfecting the ultimate training protocols optimized per the individual. He was very thin growing up and his desire to develop a more masculine physique led him to study with Jimmy Carusso; later he was mentored by Joe and Ben Weider. As he became more educated in the field, he realized that there was no real system for women, and started developing his own protocol, which he has continued to perfect for over 4 decades.

Batista Gremaud

Batista Gremaud was a professional dancer. During her career, she suffered many injuries. For over 3 decades, she had tried everything she could to get well. When she met Stephen and learned about his philosophy for women and strength training, she was fascinated and hired him to work with her. In a very short time, all her injuries healed. Consequently, she spent the next decade researching his protocol and learning everything about it. Later, she married him and founded Dr Fitness Int co.

Case Study

Strength That will stay with you

Case study

Strength That Will Stay With You


Targeted Results

The Dr Fitness USA's Body Design Formula is the GPS to your ultimate transformation. We guide you through your journey with a series of choreographed sequences of ergonomic movements that are done with weights, so that you can get to your destination faster.

How We Do It

Our proprietary strength training system teaches you never to do anything that is uncomfortable. It is designed to put your body back into balance from the inside out, correcting posture, stabilizing mood behavior and potentially being pain-free.

Stronger Medicine

Body Design Formula Strength Training System rewires the brain by sending blood flow and oxygen to parts of the brain that were inactive, opening up new creative channels, improving memory and mental clarity. It is not beyond Yoga and Pilates, It is stronger medicine.

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