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Press Kit: Stephen Hercy

Who Is

Stephen Hercy?

Stephen Hercy AKA DR Fitness

Dr Fitness USA  is the leading authority in bringing his revolutionary strength training systems to the addiction and recovery community as a new tool for mood behavior stabilization, stress management, and is the first person in the world to provide strength-training programs for women suffering from endometriosis and auto-immune disorders.

Dr Fitness USA received the “Most Outstanding Fitness Program For 2019” award by the Winners Circle. He regularly appears as an authority celebrity guest speaker on various platforms including syndicated show Al Cole “People of Distinction”, L.J. Jackson “Amazing women of Power,” CNN show Tony O’Donnell at KCAA broadcast, Svetlana Kim “To the stars through adversity”,  “The Dr. Kevin” show,  Lou Hick famous Aimed 2 Purpose global broadcast,  Dave Nassaney “Caregiver, avoiding burnout” broadcast and was featured as an expert authority speaker on the International Pain Foundation.

Celebrity students include Roger Wajed Salam, Linda Grey, Sally Field, Wendy Mull, Simon Crane, Olivia Hussey, Chuti Tiu, Billy West, Sonia Ete, Robin Siegel, Joel Bauer, Fred Van Liew, Gerry Foster, Nicholas Zaldastani, Christy Elcker, Dr. Georges Borris, Tim Ray, Brian Kelly, Tyhson Banighen among others.

Young and older people of all walks of life travel worldwide to seek his unique services. Dr Fitness USA’s groundbreaking prescription strength training system assists men and women alike to become masters of their bodies independently of a personal trainer to achieve a pain-free life.

Welcome to the new paradigm in fitness consciousness!


STEPHEN HERCY aka Dr Fitness USA is an International Body Designer, owner and founder of Dr Fitness International. No 1 Best Selling Author, Holds the prestigious title Professeur De Culture Physique Weider, certified by the IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding.

No1 Best SellerDr Fitness USA is the creator of the Body Design Formula strength training protocol and recognized professional empowerment speaker as a pioneer for his successful work with pain management and postural realignment, which affects mood behavior and productivity.

Stephen's Press Kit

Business Name: Dr Fitness USA / Dr Fitness International
Location/Address: 313 Grand Blvd #1031, Venice, CA 90291

Guest’s Name & Position: Stephen Hercy AKA Dr Fitness USA ~ Founder

Cell Phone: 310.562.6047

Bus Phone: 424.245.6560

Fax: (310) 382-2459

Skype: DrFitnessUSA

Email: doc@DrFitnessUSA.com

Website: DrFitnessUSA.com –

Stephen Hercy AKA DR Fitness

Stephen Hercy, globally known as Dr Fitness USA is a body transformation mentor, ergonomic expert, postural alignment specialist. His expertise as a transformative force and a maverick in the field of dynamic wellness and personal development is unrivaled for more than 40 years. Far beyond the scope of “trainers,” Stephen’s transcendent achievements with his Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training Systemcompares with those of luminaries like Bruce Lee and Carl Jung in their respective fields. Stephen is often referred to as the next Jack Lalanne.

More than an “exercise plan the “Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System” allows Stephen to personally conduct the energetic harmonics of his pupils, including the unique transformation requirements of men versus women, to achieve mind-blowing physical, spiritual, and emotional triumphs. These are the sorts of instant and lasting results that nobody else can even touch.

An authority in postural alignment, Mr. Hercy personally crafts every “Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System” plan to provide ergonomic platforms that support redesigning and reshaping the body from the inside out, once thought to be impossible, while supporting proper spinal alignment. As a result of altering your anatomy, one day, you will without even thinking about it, stand tall, empowered and will have transformed not only your physique, but also your entire life.

Stephen Hercy stands alone as a mentor, master bodybuilder, teacher, and visionary. “Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System” is the answer to your ultimate 360-degree transformation and only Stephen Hercy, aka Dr Fitness USA, can give it to you. Welcome to the new paradigm in fitness consciousness!

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  1. How did you get started in this business?
  2. What are the three main factors in reaching your goal in fitness?
  3. How does one regain 15 years of their life?
  4. How does the environment affect a person’s workout and why do you insist people join a gym when they want to work with you?
  5. What are the secrets to achieving a pain-free life?
  6. What does your chiropractor and/or personal trainer not tell you?
  7. Why women shouldn’t train like men?
  8. What do you mean by the yin yang of strength training?
  9. What is relationship self-defense?
  10. How can people learn more about you?