Clear Thinking

8 Tips to Clear Thinking and Manifesting your Goals

Clear thinking is one of the most important components of manifestation. Many think that resolving the “mind’s irritations,” involves just watching what’s going on in your head and letting it go.  Yes that is a good start and a valuable practice.

But is there other more practical ways to clear the mind?

Sometimes a phone call that you need to make in order to resolve a problem or issue plagues you all day long subconsciously. Maybe you’re worried about an upcoming meeting etc.. How do you find a way to handle these things that come up. Are these constant thoughts contrived or real.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, and tune into your mind. As you become aware of these stressors, take action steps to let them go. Make that phone call, or put it on your “to do” list, and your mind will let go of the concern for now. Sometimes bringing a problem to full consciousness and telling yourself, “There is nothing I can do about this until Friday,” will stop the unconscious worrying.

Start tuning into your mind, and you’ll find it becomes easier to recognize what is just below the surface, irritating you and sapping your brainpower. Take care of those things, and clearer thinking becomes easier. This is a powerful technique if you use it regularly.

More Tips For Clear Thinking:

  1. Clear your space. A cluttered space produces a cluttered mind. You heard the saying “As above, so below”. An organized home or office space means you won’t have the thought “where is that…” distracting your mind and you’ll become more efficient.
  2. Get enough good sleep. Sleep requirements vary greatly, but the bare minimum for almost everyone is somewhere around six to eight hours. Many of us suffer if we sleep less than seven hours. Research, however, seems to indicate that after some minimum quantity, the quality of sleep is more important for normal brain function.
  3. Avoid sugar. Eat a large piece of sugary cake on an empty stomach, then try to do math problems twenty minutes later. You’ll understand “brain fog,” or the “sugar blues.”
  4. Don’t drink alcohol. A beer or two may help your creativity, but in general, alcohol is a hindrance to clear thinking.
  5. Meditate. Close your eyes, relax, and watch your breath. Your mind will wander endlessly, but just continually return your attention to your breath. Do this for even five minutes, and you’ll feel better and think more clearly.
  6. Take a walk. One of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your thinking is walking in nature or in a peaceful environment or better yet walking barefoot in the sand a profound grounding effect on your soul and spirit.. It’s not only relaxing and gets you moving, it also enables you to breath fresh air and produces negative ions. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once negative ions  reach your bloodstream, they  produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin.
  7. Breath deeply through your nose. Speaking of breathing, three deep breaths through your nose is like a mini-meditation. Nose breathing uses your diaphragm more, drawing more air in, and therefore pumping more oxygen into your bloodstream and brain.
  8. Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training by Dr Fitness USA The physical body needs to be wired and grounded properly to activate its natural healing properties, as opposed for example to an electrical circuit in a house having a short circuit or the lights flickering off and on intermittently.

Increasing your physical strength by 20% to 50% with the Body Design Formula System, an educational process of higher learning for those who choose to challenge themselves beyond their limited belief, not only strengthens the nervous system, it also quiets the mind, allowing you to get out of your intellectual mind and back in your body where you can access your innate wisdom, acquire clear thinking and heal your mind and body.


“Through the understanding of proper training, I acquired a sense of majesty about myself and about the universe in which I function. I experience moments of supreme pleasure as my body performs, my mind melts into the equation and my spirit soars. It is caring so much about yourself, loving yourself, feeling that you are in control of your body, your destiny, your universe. It is magic.”
Anne Elizabeth Cochran (Attorney at law)


Batista Gremaund

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