Fortifying Your Strength Relapse: Pain

Part 3 of 3:  Stop The Pain

While there are many triggers that push the addict to relapse, such as relationships and stress for example, pain, physical and / or emotional, is certainly not to be underestimated. So, is there hope for a pain free life? To answer this question, lets first explore what pain is.

There are several categories of pain including but not limited to:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Contrived

Pain could be described as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that cannot be accurately measured, as it is a multidimensional experience with objective and subjective aspects. Beliefs and expectations, health conditions, gender, age, culture and other psycho social factors influence both pain and response to pain. We are emotional human beings: Self-awareness is developed by our emotions. All movement in the body is caused by our feelings, which are controlled by our nervous system.

For example, physical pain that we perceive when we have an injury or infection alerts us to the potential tissue damage, by sending pain signals via the spinal column to the brain. Sometimes pain persists after the injury has healed or may even appear when there was no apparent cause. (Contrived) The persistent pain is linked to changes in our nervous system, which responds to internal and external change. Interestingly enough, whether pain is contrived, physical and/or emotional, studies show that the brain perceives all pain in the same way. The process by which we perceive pain is complicated and involves intricate connections among complex regions of the brain. The nervous system uses a set of chemicals called neurotransmitters, to communicate between neurons within and across these stations in the pain pathways.

Some of the conventional ways to handle pain is by administering narcotics, drugs or surgical techniques to interrupt the relay of these pain messages. The problem with taking narcotics to alleviate pain is the body develops an addictive dependency to it; you will need to increase the dose to lessen the pain. As time goes on the drug may become ineffective in doing its intended job. Side effects when taking any particular drug or drugs combined can be worse than the original condition. It also further weakens the nervous system, which is responsible for the healing process of the body.

When the body is too weak, through drug or alcohol abuse, illness or lifestyle for example, the nervous system becomes frazzled and is unable to fulfill its role efficiently. The person involved exasperates the condition by overreacting to situations, without thinking first about the consequences, usually resulting in imaginary stress or pain, which can become exaggerated, and or even become a chronic condition.

Key aspects of behavioral health is for the self development of one’s own responsibility; You have to be responsible for your own health before you can be responsible for others, such as your family, parents, children, associates, students, or people under your guidance and or care. There’s a whole realm of responsibility, but if you can’t take responsibility for your own health then how can you take responsibility for others?

Understanding the connection between the nervous system and pain management sheds some light on the subject and suggests an unconventional solution. So the question is: ”What safe and revolutionary tool can I use in my recovery process, to heal emotional and physical pain and go beyond conventional therapy?”

Specific strength training tool that produces a 20% to 50% strength increase, grounds the body and strengthen the nervous system physically, sending healing messages to the brain. It facilitates healing of the body and the mind and assists in overcoming injuries more rapidly while handling emotions that seem to come up out of nowhere. It produces the release of positive and natural chemicals to the brain, in time allowing you to replace old behavior patterns with new life changing positive habits.

With the practice of an intelligent strength training system, the individual can become stronger physically, more grounded emotionally, and able to evaluate situations before making any decisions that could be harmful to one’s self. To achieve more positive outcomes, and reduce pain, positive actions might be taken such as for example, adding natural supplements with anti-inflammatory properties to one’s diet; this could lessen the urge to drink and the need for prescription medication. Seeking the help of an alternative health care practitioner that wins over your trust without passing judgment on you could also offer great benefits.

When the person is being heard he/she will inevitably feel more important by not being swayed by other people’s negativity that might cause more pain, while remaining firmly grounded in the body to take positive action.

While the individual enjoys the quietness of the mind with this revolutionary tool for stress management reduction, strength training can also be very efficient in restoring the body’s natural balance back to health by promoting a healthy musculature and proper postural alignment, which are the cause of the most commonly experienced conditions such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain and other issues associated with overuse injuries.

Some of the added benefits include, feeling happier, saving time by being more productive, enjoying improved cognitive functions and brain capacity such as memory, enhancing communication skills in relationships. In fact, research now finds strength training to be the No1 anti-aging physical activity to handle depression, beyond yoga, Pilates and aerobics activities.

Strength Training can unlock the mysteries of how you can achieve the next level of greatness in your life, giving you new hope for a pain free life, the self confidence and poise to exercise freedom of choice, and be all your can be from the inside out, finding self-acceptance, being loved for whom you truly are and so righteously deserve.


Batista Gremaund

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