Have you ever tried to get in shape?

Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to get in shape? Here is a little story for you. Enjoy!

Evolution of the Fitness Neophyte

Act 1: The decision to get in shape. 
”That does it! I’m going to get in shape and work out on a regular basis!” We take action…

Act 2: The honeymoon: we make a commitment to get in shape and engage in a healthy lifestyle
. We find the perfect fitness center and shop for classes and services offered that promise we will get in shape fast. We chat with others over the benefits of this nutritional program or that class and begin to throw together a routine. We begin to feel and look better. After awhile, we hit the wall…

Act 3: Reality sets in: it is not easy to get in shape. 
We get frustrated and confused, we might start feeling sore and even experience overuse injuries. Now we consult with a professional and find out about our club’s pay-as-you-go services. For a fee, we learn that we can hire someone to help us get in shape and guide us toward our goal.

Act 4: Damsel in distress: A personal trainer to the rescue! We decide that a personal trainer is exactly what we need to get in shape and discipline our efforts. We hire an expert to take charge of us. We conscientiously put in our time, pay our trainer, and assume that all is well. Many of us will stop here because we are patient, diligent and busy. But some will begin to wonder if it’s really worth it and start to slack off…

Act 5: The roller coaster ride and our demise
 Maybe our bodies aren’t quite turning out as we dreamed, we didn’t get in shape as we had anticipated. But we accept it, at least for a while, until life gets too busy and complicated. Then working out becomes another item on the to do list. If we can’t achieve the level of performance demanded on us by our trainer, we feel like failures. So we push ourselves beyond our capability. Going to the gym now becomes about earning the approval of the trainer. Guilt begins to set in, we feel more stressed than before; we beat ourselves up for the money we are spending only to find ourselves worse of than ever. We’ll probably quit that scene, forget exercise and the idea to get in shape altogether, until things get worse or the threat of an illness occurs. Then we repeat the whole cycle at another gym with another trainer.

At Body Design Formula, we understand that you have within you a personal divine design.

The Body Design Formula created by Dr. Fitness USA will take your mind and body to a whole new level of awareness, an inward journey yet to be traveled and discovered by you! 
You will get in the best shape of your life as a by-product of a sustainable feel-good system.



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