Multitasking and Your Health

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Research shows that multitasking can negatively impact memory and IQ resulting in attention and memory loss, poor cognitive performance, and loss of productivity, comparable to smoking marijuana or staying up all night. Subjects also show less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region responsible for empathy as well as cognitive and emotional control.

Multi-tasking means the action and awareness is split, resulting in not really being present for either tasks. Consequently, it often takes longer to do the projects at hand than if one tackled one project at a time. Simply said, it usually results in doing a crappy job at multiple activities.

Gym Environment

Picture this: A Yoga studio filled with people on a dog down pose, holding on to their cell phones and texting! It makes no sense right? Now observe the gym environment, with people mindlessly watching television while on the treadmills, or texting and doing strength training exercises? Do you see the irony in this? It is plain ridiculous and a complete waste of time. It is also contradictory to every universal law that teach us to live in the now, consciously, and connected with our inner being.

Now imagine the power of your workouts if you took the time to ground consciously and set your intentions before training! Imagine how much more efficiently you would become, centered and connected, stronger physically and emotionally. Your workouts would become the mantra by which you set the tone for how you behave in the gym and in the world. Because what you do somewhere, you do everywhere. They are conscious or unconscious habits that control our lives. I witness this phenomenon daily, since I’ve been teaching the Body Design Formula Strength Training System; I can literally tell how a person conducts their life by witnessing the way they train. Scary!

Spiritually speaking

Many spiritual paths talk to us about living life with one-pointed awareness. Observing the gym environment you will see many people mindlessly watching television while on the treadmills, or texting exercising without focus or a plan of action, wasting time and contradicting every universal law that teach us to live in the now, consciously, and connected with our inner being.

Do’s and dont’s in the gym

The strength comes from the ground up, so it is very important to begin the workout with strengthening the legs and hips first. We always make sure that the body is in an anatomically correct position and that our spine is protected, by supporting the body and the exercise functionality with advanced ergonomics developed by Dr Fitness USA. The sequence of exercises is carefully planned out as well, for example we would never do jumping jacks after leg pressing, or walking lunges for example.

To be ungrounded means the soul is disconnected from the body. When you are grounded you feel centered, solid, strong balanced, less tense, less stressed. Overall, you feel good. If you have pain, you have less of it, or maybe none at all.

Take away

When planning your workout time, clear your calendar for a certain amount of time where you will be undisturbed. In the gym, avoid distractions, limit the chitchat, and be present for your workout. You can always meet potential Mr. Right at the nearby Starbucks after the workout if you want; you don’t have to sacrifice your “ME” time, for social activities, or to satisfy others who are in the gym without purpose. You on the other hand have an agenda, and that is to improve yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, with a specific plan to achieve greatness!

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