Personal trainer vs. Dr Fitness USA

What is the difference between hiring a personal trainer and working-out on the Body Design Formula or Feminine Body Design system by Dr Fitness USA?

Much like other professions with specific specializations, such as a doctor could be a general M.D.with a family practice, a gynecologist or a dermatologist etc… Or another example would be a lawyer who would specialize in criminal law, personal injury etc…. in fitness when people think of a personal trainer, they believe he / she is a specialist in all areas of fitness. It is no so.

The Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training coaching system is a proven educational program that provides sustainable results in achieving your true potential and a pain free life by reconstructing your body from the inside out. 

So the question usually is: “Don’t personal trainers do that?” No, personal trainers don’t do that, I know by experience because I am a certified personal trainer myself. I am also the co-founder of the International Institute of Body Design and a number one bestselling author of several books on the subject of fitness! Personal trainers are not educated in correcting postural alignment and muscular imbalances, creating a balanced and harmonious physique or leading you to achieve a pain free life. These skills are specialty skills. A personal trainer is taught to work you out. 

Take an acupuncturist for example treating you for a specific condition. You would assume that she/he is putting the needles in the right meridian to treat that specific condition. Trainers basically put needles everywhere, so there is no way for you to know what is going on. This is called a state of confusion (Unconscious Competence) and is a way to keep you coming back for more. This is how a trainer makes his or her money.

In fact, you can compare Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training system vs. working out with personal trainer with owning vs. renting a house, hiring someone to paint your house vs. hiring a interior designer, or getting a haircut at Supercut, where you might get someone to cut your hair fresh out of a weekend workshop vs. choosing a renown hair designer with a reputation of 50+ years of experience.


1. Increasing strength 20% to 50% in 20 minutes, which strengthen the nervous system and quiets the mind. This is a stress management mechanism that establishes a strong foundation for healing the body and the mind.

The physical body needs to be wired and grounded properly to activate its natural healing properties, as opposed for example to an electrical circuit in a house having a short circuit or the lights flickering off and on intermittently. The long-term success towards optimum health and fitness depends on the body’s wiring and ability to fire properly. The Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System involves activating synergistic muscles that an individual may not be aware of, sending blood flow and oxygen to parts of the brain that were dormant. It rewires the brain and reconnects the dots from the inside out and opens up new creative channels. It will immediately provoke a sense of calm and stress relief; a person will be transformed forever at that moment. It also raises testosterone levels naturally for men. This will give a person the solid foundation he or she needs to make the permanent changes in their body they desire over time.

2. Rebuilding the body from the inside out, via correcting postural misalignment and muscular imbalances, which are the primary cause of overuse injuries.

Posture is probably the most misunderstood aspect of a healthy and fit 
lifestyle, yet it is the foundation of a healthy body and mind. Misaligned posture
 causes compression on the discs, accelerates the aging process and leads to unnecessary muscle strain, disc
 herniation, arthritis, pinched nerves and premature deterioration of the
 spine. Postural positions affect the blood flow from the spinal cord to the

“As a doctor, when I look at your x-rays, I determine what age you are,
not biologically, but by the condition of your spine. With Stephen 
Hercy’s, Dr  Fitness USA, proper training techniques you can be eighty
 years old and have the spine of a twenty year old!”                                           — Dr. Aaron Orpelli

Stephen Hercy’s Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System provides ergonomic platforms that support redesigning and reshaping the body from the inside out, while supporting proper spinal alignment. As a result, one day, you will, without even thinking about it, stand tall, empowered and will have transformed not only your physique, but also your entire life.

Working out on your own or following the advice of a personal trainer often results in putting your body out of balance, by working muscle to muscle groups. Worse yet the trainer might be setting you up to occur serious injury

3. Providing the necessary education so that the program becomes sustainable for many years to come

Transforming the body through the art of Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training system is like studying any sport, any form of Martial Arts or learning to dance, which takes a structured method, or a proven system. Guidelines for such art forms are: repetition, frequency, pattern recognition; it must be duplicatable and sustainable long term. To master any skill takes time, practice, consistency and discipline just like any other sport, art form or passion.

The fitness industry does not have any standards and clear measurement of excellence of healthy and successful long-term outcomes; most of everything is allowed with no discernment.

The gullible and desperate people buy into “rebuild your body in 90 days” challenges and hypes; the “smart ones” or not so smart ones (uneducated) become their own experts, all-perpetuating the long-term failure cycle. Others put their faith in personal trainers who generally and unfortunately, have no real knowledge of proper biomechanics and ergonomics. They often push their clients over their limits with inappropriate and inefficient exercises, which inevitably will lead to injury or burn out, sooner or later.


Considering it takes an average of 400 hours of focused and specific strength training exercise to begin to make permanent structural changes in the body, if you worked out 3 times a week for 1 hour, it would take you 2 1/2 years to see some of those real results you can achieve on the Dr. Fitness USA protocol. Typically personal trainers conduct their sessions broken up into 3 parts;

1/3 stretching and 1/3 aerobics leaving only 20 minutes of weightlifting per hour session. Now you are looking at 7 years 1/2 before seeing the results you are looking for, and that is provided your personal trainer is qualified, which if he is, he will charge most likely anywhere between $100 to $150 per hour, If you last that long, and have not incurred some kind of injury in the process, it will have cost you $180,000 in personal training.


So here are some questions you need to ask yourself when choosing which direction to go:

  1. What are my expectations? …To have balanced physique? Get rid of pain? Get educated?
  2. Or I just want someone to help me work out?
  3. Am I worth it? Do I deserve the best for my health and my life?


Here’s a Recap

personal trainer vs. body design formula chart

Know that what you believe you deserve and what you think you can achieve is up to you. There is always a way to manifest what you want, need and deserve. It is up to your ability to be open minded, to have faith but also to be coachable. If the answer is no, and you do not believe you deserve the best for yourself, then, there might be issues of self worth that are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind that needs to be addressed. I guarantee you that by increasing your strength by 20% to 50% in 20 minutes you will get rid of self imposed limitations and raise your self-esteem beyond your wildest expectations. But are you ready and willing?

“I have not used a personal trainer myself, but I see what the exercises they give to their clients and I don’t want to do them either! The Body Design Formula is totally different. It’s like a meditation, you want to do it, it feels great.”                                                                                                   — Eugenia Foster

“Dr Fitness USA is a program that everybody should do. It works great and it lasts for ever! You never get tired of it, he creates the best exercises for your body that you like to do, so you just do because it feels good!”                                                                                                                                                   — Dr. Tan

“Dr Fitness USA seems to know every single machine better than the palm of his own hand, He is able to make the necessary adjustment so that I can overcome the issues I have with my shoulder and back pain.”                                                                                                                                  — Karsten Arend


“I challenge any personal trainer to remotely achieve what Stephen Hercy’s Body Design Formula has achieved because I know that it is impossible.”
Charles Miles D. C.

“In my most irregular schedule and traveling around the world as I do, I find that I can take my Body Design Formula program into any gym anywhere in the world and make the equipment work for me so that I can do my work-outs. I have no more need to schedule with a personal trainer.”
Siv M. Aberg (Swedish ambassador)

“I have watched people at the gym with trainers and most are very uncomfortable. They are pushed and exhausted. Some quit early on. It is often apparent that they are not enjoying their routine. With Stephen’s Body Design Formula program, you enjoy it. You become your own trainer and have the necessary knowledge to reach your goals yourself. I became very comfortable in the gym in a short period of time. My strength has doubled and my body is making positive changes.”
Sharon Paul (School teacher, Baby boomer)

“The experiences I had with personal trainers is that they didn’t know or have a real thorough overview of the whole body. They saw the body in pieces. And although the body is comprised of different components and pieces, it makes up the sum total of who you are. I really know that Stephen knows the anatomy of the body really well. Because of my experience with yoga, I know he knows what he is taking about. Stephen is a master at his craft.”
Rev Louis-Diana (Yoga master, Ordained minister)

“Working out independently, is empowering, rather than having someone else telling me what to do, counting form me, and setting up the weights for me. Most trainers I see seem to be putting their clients through torture. My Body Design Formula exercises are custom made to fit my frame , they are comfortable.”
 Kim L. M. T. (Certified Yogic Neuromuscular Therapist)

“A very important aspect of the Body Design Formula program to me is that it is a rigorous, fully professional, result-oriented program that is designed for me to do myself, without becoming dependent on the presence of a trainer. This enables me to live anywhere in the world, and still follow the program.”
Cecelia Van Beuren Wittman, M. L. S. / Ph. D. (Information Management)

“I used to work out with a trainer 3 times a week. There were many problems. First my schedule is unpredictable I was constantly having to change my appointment times and if I didn’t  or could not give him 24 hours notice I was charged anyway. Second, since I always had the trainer telling me what exercise to do, making the weight adjustments for me and correcting my form, I never learned what and how to do  the exercises by myself. Third, he scheduled himself so tightly, the hour I was paying for frequently became 45 minutes, or less! I became disillusioned, discouraged and quit. Then one day, I met Stephen Hercy. He has always been there whenever I needed encouragement, clarification on specific exercises, or just for questions. He truly knows how to design bodies.”
Karen Miller (Pacific Bell, Account executive)

“There were months I paid a personal trainer to teach me how to work out. He was very positive, but I didn’t know how to train on my own. Now I understand what exercises I am doing for each part of my body. I enjoy feeling the sensation of the weight and concentrating and finding my strength to execute the movement. Wherever I travel I feel secure in the gym with my Body Design Formula program.”
Robin Siegel (Make-up artist)

“Stephen’s personal outlook for me convinced me to buy his Body Design Formula program. After being let down by other trainers, it was hard to put my faith in someone else. Before I met Stephen I would go into the gym and walk around in circles not knowing where I was going with my workout or the new body I was trying to create. Body Design Formula filled that need. Thank you.”
George A. Spears (Business owner)

“Stephen is a genius. I do not use that word lightly, I use it in the strongest sense possible. I met him at a time when I was training on my own, after having quit a trainer I had been with for 1 year and making no progress. Stephen has a feel for the human body that I never seen or known in anyone. My recommendation to anyone who is really serious about changing themselves, both physically and mentally and is not afraid of truth or change, is to give yourself to Stephen for one of the most incredible experience of your life.”
Evan Shore (Professional model)

“Stephen Hercy  is qualified to lecture, instruct and teach personal trainers in the advanced art and discipline of “Body Sculpting and Design” for maximum student / client results.”
Andre Begin (Former Director of the Weider Research Clinic – Former Mr Canada) 


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