Relationship Self Defense

What is Relationship Self Defense & How does it relate to Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training?

While Dr Fitness USA is known for his amazing prescription strength training system that is changing the lives of so many people worldwide, one could wonder what the correlation is between prescription strength training and relationship self defense.

All movement in the body is caused by your emotions; especially for females. Females (as well as left-handed men) have the advantage and capability of transmitting thoughts and feelings between the left and right sides of the brain at will simultaneously, which allows them to handle several tasks at the same time. Many women think that they are strong, when in fact they may be intellectually strong, however their bodies, which carry all the messages through the nervous system is only at 30% strength, which could represent as much as 70% decrease in strength.

As a result, she will overreact to situations and think about it later, or in order to protect herself will go up inside her head and park herself there becoming non-negotiable, this constant thinking process of added stress often weakens the immune system, resulting in the person becoming sick or even worse being diagnosed with osteoporosis because of weak or brittle bones or some other life threatening illness.

In relationship self defense we teach women how to increase their strength 20% or 30% in 20 minutes, which becomes sustainable. As soon as they enter this zone where they instantly experience success being stronger and more powerful, their mind and their body become connected as one instrument, brain-muscle connection, experiencing a quiet peaceful feeling of exuberance for the first time.

This is very different than personal training. Personal training can be detrimental to a woman’s psyche, because it teaches her to always do more and her  body never gets a chance or allowed to rest. When a woman stays in her  intellectual mind 24 hours a day, she impedes her immune system, which becomes further aggravated by the pressure of pleasing the personal trainer to do more than she can do comfortably. The better way is to have a script or a formula that limits the amount of effort spent in that particular workout and do it intelligently so it works on enhancing good posture and has the profound effect or result of her showing up in life as a kinder more loving person where she  has no problem expressing how she feels outside of work.

80% of women are always voicing what they think. Most men don’t care about what you think, not when you express it that way. Real men care about how you feel, because when they know how you feel, they know how to take care of you and how to work with you.

Ladies do not worry about your man expressing his feelings, because men have a strong feminine side, and more so as they mature in age because of the decrease in testosterone, they naturally love dwelling in their feelings and finding fun things to do. As a result, you will end up doing all the work. Women who are grounded and have high degree of self-worth understand they are not responsible for men’s feelings; however a man will feel loved and respected when he is acknowledged for his thinking. Men are naturally problem solvers, they like to teach preach and control, which are innate male characteristics

The prescription strength training enables a woman to slow down, become more grounded and be able to hold her emotions better under stress. By taking a few steps back she can be proactive vs. reactive. Looking inside rather than outside, loving herself first before her partner, taking care of her body, and learning to say no to loved one’s in order not to hurt herself, these are feminine characteristics.

Learning to express your feelings within the relationship with the self defense dialog, will result in a drastic shift in the dynamics of your relationships where you will hold you inner power and have your partner take greater responsibilities.


Batista Gremaund

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