Plan Ahead

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Spending a couple of hours once a week shopping and preparing for the week ahead will set you up for success. You will avoid skipping meals or grabbing junk food on the go, insuring your long-term success.

Getting Started
Taking small steps is often a better way to start the healthy lifestyle journey as it does entail some very significant changes. Planning your meals ahead of time is a good starting point.

It is easier than you think, while it might take you one hour to cook a full meal, with a little planning, you could be cooking a whole week’s meal supply in the same amount of time. For example, bake some fish and chicken in the oven, while preparing some rice and steaming fresh potatoes on the stove. This will take you about 45 minutes and easily serve as 3 or 4 days food supply. While the food is cooking, wash and cut vegetable for your salads. Consider boiling a dozen eggs as well, and there you have.

Having food prepared ahead of time will enable you to stay on track and never be caught binging on fast unhealthy snacks just because you ran out of time and waited too long to eat. It will enable you to cut down on unhealthy processed snacks. It is just as easy to bring some healthy food to the office, or keep your snacks in a cooler box in the car if you are on the go.

It is ok to replace some meals with a protein shake of your choice. In our recipe book here, you will find some creative ideas. Call us to discuss which supplements contain all the nutritional value the body needs to function properly and equal a full meal.

Based on your meal plans above, make a shopping list. This will get easier as you get the hang of it. Make sure to include items for each category, avoiding processed foods. Cutting down on unhealthy processed is sometimes difficult especially if these foods are at reach. One way to cut down is not having such food readily available and within easy reach. The next time the grocery shopping is done make an effort not to add these items to the cart would be a good first step in the right direction.

Sample Shopping list

Include items from each category in your list
Protein: fish, chicken, eggs, yogurt
Grains: Quinoa, rice, oatmeal
Legumes: Lentils, beans
Vegetable: Greens, lettuce, Swiss chard, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, red bell pepper, potatoes, yams
Nuts: Almonds, cashews
Fruits: Chose seasonal fruits, bananas, mangos, lemons, peaches, apples
Seasoning: Pepper, dried herbs of your choice, ginger, capers, pickle

Get the basics in your cabinets, and then it is just a matter of replacing the items as you run out. Be creative and willing to try new foods and new recipes.


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