Used to Be

Are you a former professional athlete, dancer, did you use to be involved in a team sport, or simply use to be in great shape?

Years have gone by, now you have a family, an endless list of personal and business obligations, you are successful. Perhaps you had to abandon your sport of choice or your art form because of an injury. In any case, you miss that feeling and you know your body is not where it used to be.

So you get back on the track, the gym, the dance floor and try to do what you use to do, hoping to get back to your former athletic shape; in your mind, close enough is good enough at this point.

I use to be a ballet dancer… over two decades ago! TIME is a strange beast.

Am I a “USED TO BE?” For one thing I am 30 years older, I have not attended a ballet class in 25 years! Did I forget to mention I weigh about 30 lbs more now? Yap! I USE TO BE a 100 lbs.!

My needs today are not the same as they use to be as my circumstances and my lifestyle has change completely.

What about you? Are you trying to get back in shape by using outdated methods that worked for you in the past? Is there hope to really feel good in your body again at this point?


Time has set in; lifestyle and hormones have changed; your body is no longer where it used to be; it has different needs. Simply said, you are not who you use to be anymore.

These are a few typical scenarios people will fall into

  • People with will power bully themselves into routines that once worked, eventually causing irreversible injuries!
  • People with no will power give up before trying, what’s the use!
  • Tough women compete with men’s routine to prove themselves strong!
  • Others hope to positively think their way into better shape while doing energy work, after all 2018 promises many changes!

In the meantime, are you increasingly becoming more overweight or underweight, which is just as equally damaging? Do you have chronic physical “unavoidable” ailments? Undeniably your lean muscle mass has being reduced down to about 50% by now, your posture is getting worse, causing back pain, this pain, and that pain.

Is there hope to really feel good in your body again at this point?


All prescription strength training formulas by Dr Fitness USA consider where you are at today by taking into account injuries, lifestyle patterns and or emotional issues whether real or contrived, rebuild the landscape of you back that supports correct spinal adjustment for an ageless / healthy spine, and allow you to achieve the best body ever that turn heads and gets people talking about how young and in shape you look! It will also put you in deep harmony with you Inner Being, thus getting you back to 100% functionality so you can do your day effortlessly with surplus energy, stop procrastination and complete the tasks you’ve been putting off forever.



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