What is Feminine Body Design strength training system

Feminine Body Design is a proven and tested strength training prescription educational coaching system designed for women specifically, that provides sustainable results in achieving their true potential and a pain free life by reconstructing the body from the inside out long term.


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This is an evolutionary approach to stress management that establishes a solid foundation for healing the body and the mind.

The physical body needs to be wired and grounded properly to activate its natural healing properties, as opposed for example to an electrical circuit in a house having a short circuit or the lights flickering off and on intermittently. The long-term success towards optimum health and fitness depends on the body’s wiring and ability to fire properly. Performance is what the fitness industry promotes as an avenue of success in general, teaching women to do more than they can achieve comfortably by going for the pain, and or ignoring pain signals, potentially leading to injuries. The Feminine Body Design principles teach women to balance out the Yin and Yang energies by way of education and learning never to do anything that is uncomfortable when exercising. Also success can happen even despite time constraints and overwhelming responsibilities when working out on the Feminine Body Design system as little as 1 time per week as it strengthen the nervous system, quiets the mind and reduces stress among many other health benefits. It involves activating synergistic muscles that an individual may not be aware of, sending blood flow and oxygen to parts of the brain that were dormant. It rewires the brain and reconnects the dots from the inside out while opening up new creative channels, which allows for maximum strength increase safely and comfortably. It will immediately provoke a sense of calm; this produces the solid foundation a woman needs to make the permanent changes she desires, over time.

“I have not used a personal trainer myself, but I see what the exercises they give to their clients and I don’t want to do them either! The Body Design Formula is totally different. It’s like a meditation, you want to do it, and it feels great.” Eugenia Foster, Marriage and Family Therapist

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This rebuilds the body from the inside out and addresses the primary cause of overuse injuries and chronic pain.

Posture is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, yet it is probably the most misunderstood aspect of a healthy and fit 
lifestyle. Misaligned vertebrae in the spinal column causes compression on the discs, accelerates the aging process and leads to unnecessary muscle strain, disc
 herniation, arthritis, pinched nerves and premature deterioration of the
 spine. Postural positions affect the blood flow from the spinal cord to the

“As a doctor, when I look at your x-rays, I determine what age you are, not biologically, but by the condition of your spine. With Stephen 
Hercy’s, Dr Fitness USA, proper training techniques you can be eighty
 years old and have the spine of a twenty year old!”
Dr. Aaron Orpelli

Feminine Body Design provides ergonomic platforms that support redesigning and reshaping the body from the inside out, while supporting proper spinal alignment. As a result, one day, you will, without even thinking about it, stand tall, empowered and will have transformed not only your physique, but also your entire life.

“Sometimes when your muscles get stronger but out of balance, you create more damage in your body. Compared to when you have a formula that teaches you how to make your body stronger proportionally to your posture, you will improve dramatically your health, strength, bones, posture, muscles and even your appearance will change.”

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This puts you in the driver seat and in charge of your own health

Transforming the body through the art of Feminine Body Design principles is like studying any sport, any form of Martial Arts or learning to dance, which takes a structured method, or a proven system. Guidelines for success are: repetition, frequency, pattern recognition; it must be duplicatable and sustainable long term. To master any skill takes time, practice, consistency and discipline just like any other sport, art form or passion. You need to be educated about what to do to be able to achieve the results you need on your own time for the rest of your life.

“Personal trainers have told me that they are watching me and that I really know what I am doing! I say: Isn’t it why we get a personal trainer for? They think they need to stand over you and watch. This is not like this, You are independent.” Dr. Rosita Tan, DMD


To achieve a pain free life, you must aim to correct postural alignment and muscular imbalances. What you don’t know is that it takes 400 hours of focused and specific strength training exercises to make permanent structural changes in the body. Let’s take the example of working out with a personal trainer who is taught to work you out by the hour. He/she will divide that hour into 1/3 cardio, 1/3 stretching and 1/3 strength training, which leaves you with only 20 minutes of strength training activity per session; it would take 7 ½ years to get to the 400 hours. At an average of $100 to a $150 per hour, which is what a qualified trainer charges, it will cost you $180,000 in personal training fees over that period of time. By qualified I mean correcting postural alignment and muscular imbalances through proper ergonomics is a specialty skill that is not taught in a personal training certification course.

While the feminine Body Design may be a bit more of an investment upfront, in a long run it will save you thousands and thousands of dollars while providing you with specific knowledge to transform your body, which you will keep for the rest of your life.


So here are some questions you need to ask yourself when choosing which direction to go:

  1. What are my expectations? …To have balanced physique? Get rid of pain? Get educated?
  2. Do I just want someone to help me work out, whatever that may look like?
  3. Am I worth it? Do I deserve the best for my health and my life?

Know that what you believe you deserve and what you think you can achieve is up to you. There is always a way to manifest what you want, need and deserve. It is up to your ability to be open minded, to have faith but also to be coachable. Are you ready and willing?

If your mind can conceive it
And your heart can believe it
Then Dr Fitness USA will help you achieve it!



Batista Gremaund

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