Women’s strength training form and technique

Form and technique matters in women’s strength training

Women’s strength training is getting more popular as research continuously praises the benefits of strength training for women’s health. But form and technique does matter. Learn safely with Dr. Fitness USA’s proven Body Design Formula system.

The other day, I was at the gym training on my very own Body Design Formula created by International Body Designer, Dr. Fitness USA. As I reached the next machine I needed to use according to my customized program, a selectorized Leg Press, I saw a middle-aged woman was using it. During her rest time, she would text on her cell phone, taking forever, oblivious to the fact that I was waiting. There is such a rule of conduct in gyms, not to hog the machine and not to sit on them for long periods of times in between sets, as mentioned in one of our on-line program videos about gym ethics. So I asked her if I could work-in with her, which is the thing to do. She reluctantly said yes.

As I was waiting for my turn, I got a chance to observe how she was doing her leg press exercise. I quickly noticed that her form and technique was off, her  feet  inappropriately positioned at the top of the platform. When I glanced at how much weight she was using, I saw that she was only at 50 lbs. Her facial expression indicated that she was struggling.

I felt sorry for her, and since I was working-in with her, I asked her if she was open to some advice. She said yes.

I explained to her that her feet must be at the bottom of the platform, wide stance and slightly turned out. To this she exclaimed:” OH NO! That is really bad for your knees!” I must have made a funny face as she proceeded by saying:” I’ve been doing this for 20 years, I am an expert!”

Understand one thing, 50lbs at a leg press selectorized machine is insignificant weight to stimulate the deep underlining muscle fibers to develop the glutes / thighs muscles involved in the exercise. In fact, this middle-aged lady proved it, as she had no muscular development whatsoever, and terrible posture too.

Positioning your feet as recommended above while pressing through the heels, will enable the activation of the complete thigh and glutes muscles taking stress off the knees and joints; it will also allow you to move up in weight significantly in the following exercises, provided they are sequenced appropriately.  This is important because energy comes from your legs, and dictates the performance of the rest of your program. Our students are able to reach a minimum weight of 130lbs on this particular machine, within the first 30 minutes of their first session, with no pain. In fact, we guarantee a 20% to 50% strength increase in 20 minutes, This guarantee applies of course to those who chose to have a customized system designed according to their personal condition, physical, mental and emotional state of health.

I personally had major knee issues prior to beginning training on the Dr. Fitness USA’s system, caused by 4 decades as a professional entertainer and flamenco dancer. Many of my friends in the flamenco industry end up having knee surgery. As for me, since following this priority system, I am free of pain and injuries.

So how do you know how to position your body properly in the machine, where you feet should go, or at what angle your back needs to be for for support and safety?

Strength Training is a skill

You see, friends, strength training is like any sport, dance form or even Martial Arts. It is a skill that needs to be learned.  Sequence of exercises matter, as well as weight ratio, weight manipulation, number of sets, form and technique, much like any exercise modality that has to be learned, strength training is no different.


Batista Gremaund

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