Lifting Basics

If you wish to lose fat and reshape your body, one of the most crucial things you can do is lift weights. Diet and cardio are important, however when it comes to altering how your body looks, weight training wins handily.

If you’ve hesitated to begin a strength training regimen, it might motivate you to know that lifting weights can:

  • Help elevate your metabolism.
  • Muscle burns off a lot of calories, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn off all day long.
  • Fortify bones, particularly crucial for women
  • Make you stronger and better muscular endurance
  • Help you prevent injuries
  • Better your confidence and self-pride
  • Better coordination and balance

Getting going with strength training may be confusing–what exercises can you do? How many sets and reps? How much lifting? The routine you pick out will be based on your fitness goals as well as the tools you have available and the time you have for exercises.

If you’re establishing your own program, which is not recommended unless you are an expert, you’ll have to understand some basic strength training rules. These rules will teach you how to make certain you’re utilizing adequate weight, determine your sets and reps and insure you’re always advancing in your workouts.

To build muscle, you have to utilize more resistance than your muscles are used to. This is crucial as the more you do, the more your body is capable of doing, so you ought to increase your workload to prevent plateaus. In plain language, this implies you ought to be lifting enough weight that you may just complete the desired number of reps. You ought to be able to finish your last rep with difficulty but likewise with great form without working out failure. We call this process matching the weight to the reps.

To prevent plateaus (or adaptation), you have to increase your intensity regularly. You are able to do this by increasing the amount of weight lifted, altering your sets/reps, altering the exercises and altering the sort of resistance. You are able to make these alterations on a weekly or monthly basis.

Specificity. This principle means you ought to train for your goal.

That means, if you wish to increase your strength, your regimen ought to be designed around that goal (e.g., train with bigger weights closer to your 4 RM (4 rep max)). To slim down, select an assortment of rep ranges to target assorted muscle fibers. Contrary to popular belief, using light weight / high repetitions does not produce long lean muscles!

One thing that differentiate the Dr Fitness USA’s protocol is its proprietary balanced weight ratio system that will enable you to raise your strength up to 20 to 50% very rapidly. In addition our proprietary system will help you to correct muscular imbalances caused by overuse injuries and in time give you 15 years back of your life. And, here is the amazing part, if you have pain our propriety system will potentially enable to be 100% pain free.

Rest days are even as crucial as workout days. It’s during these respites that your muscles grow and change, so make certain you’re not working the same muscle groups 2 days in a row.

Before you get going on setting up your own routine, keep a couple of key points in mind:

Warm up before you begin lifting weights. This helps get your muscles warm and prevent trauma. You may warm up by doing a light set of every exercise before moving to heavier weights, but do not stretch before working out, this loosens up your muscles, joints and tendons, is counter productive and will set you up for injuries.

Learn to control the weights, do not let the weights control you. For this you always need to be grounded. It’s ok to use some movements to lift the weight up and down, but you need to control your form. Use some momentum but If you have to swing to get the weight up, probabilities are you’re utilizing too much weight.
Don’t hold your breath and make certain you’re utilizing full range of motion throughout the motion.
Stand up straight. Pay attention to your posture, keep your neck in neutral position and use your abs in every motion you’re doing to keep your balance and protect your spine.

The Dr Fitness USA’s mentoring program give you a personalized step-by-step roadmap to your results! It is customized to your unique body. Also, throughout the program, your mentor, will be monitoring your progress to keep you on track and motivated.

Body Design Formula prescription strength training system will enables you to regain 20% to 50% strength, make you look and feel 15 years younger and potentially lead you to a pain free life

I’d like the opportunity, if you’ll allow it, to become your accountability partner – and share with you the tools that I have acquired in the past 10 years, that have enabled me to become pain free, recover my health and stabilize my weight.

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We’ll cover things like what you’re currently doing well, and what areas could use adjustment, along with recommendations of what to do immediately to get back on the path to health, fitness, and happiness.

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