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Training Vs. Working Out

There's a big difference between training and working out.


“Training” means that you will purposefully, scientifically, and intentionally learn how to build muscle, lose fat, gain endurance and become more resistant to joint pain while achieving a perfectly balanced physique.

Working Out

“Working out” is just doing random stuff that makes you tired.

People do it in boot camps, large-group fitness classes, or programs based on “theory” (instead of science). For example, people who work out people think they’re getting great results because it makes them sweaty and exhausted.


“Training” means that your program has been purposefully and intentionally designed to ensure that you’re getting stronger and making progress over a specific period. 

We never rely on how exhausted we are or how much fluid has been expelled from our sweat glands to know whether we’re making progress. 

Instead, we track our sets, reps, and weights on our primary lifts, so there’s no gray area or guesswork.

You are getting stronger, or you are not.

There are different ways to stimulate changes in our muscles and connective tissues. For example, we can lift heavier weights, the same weight for more reps, or manipulate variables like tempo, rest periods, exercise order, and exercise variation.

Through the training, education, and experience that Dr Fitness USA has accumulated over 50+ years, we know the safest and most effective way for you to achieve the essential foundation of fitness: 

Optimal Relative Strength.

Meaning how strong you are relative to your body size. Someone who weighs 200 pounds will be stronger than someone who weighs 130 pounds.

But relatively speaking, you should be following the same principles, here are a few of them:

Varying Rep Ranges: 

We use our proprietary weight ratio system to dictate a variety of rep ranges and sets for building strength or muscular endurance. We will also determine the weight range of each exercise based on the connection with the other exercises in the program. For example, we will determine the weight for a chest exercise according to that deployed in a leg exercise. Consequently, the importance we set for the chest will determine what weight should be used for the shoulder. Our proprietary system ensures the body transforms into a balanced, proportionate pain-free physique.


Dr Fitness USA has developed the science of designing your exercise program so your body fits the equipment correctly and can adapt and process the exercise to its maximum efficiency while keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the person. The super ergonomics improvement process removes risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries and improves human performance and productivity.

Balancing the Yin and Yang Energies: 

Generally speaking, the fitness industry promotes performance as an avenue of success. It teaches people to do more than they can achieve comfortably by going for the pain and ignoring pain signals, potentially leading to injuries. Our systems are based on Universal Principles that teach you to balance out the Yin and Yang energy byways of learning never to do anything uncomfortable when exercising and keeping the body grounded and protected. The secret process involves activating synergistic muscles that an individual may not be aware of to keep the body in balance.

At Body Design Formula, we understand that you have a personal divine design.

The Body Design Formula created by Dr Fitness USA will take your mind and body to a new level of awareness, an inward journey yet to be traveled and discovered by you!

You will get in the best shape of your life as a by-product of a sustainable feel-good system.


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